DCHINDIA  DCH INDIA lifestyle luxury boats wines salons dchindia dch india

DCH India

DCHINDIA  DCH INDIA lifestyle luxury boats wines salons dchindia dch india


About DCH India


What We Are

DCH India is a proud creation of New Zealand innovation and integrity coupled with Indian tradition and roots. 

DCH India is in the luxury business segment of Beauty, Wine and Boats. The three brands and operations are Mimira, Moana Wines and Miramar Marines respectively. 

Our belief of "Making a Difference" in every business we do sets us apart. We serve our customers better by earnestly listening to them. We constantly strive to exceed their expectations.

DCH India have started its ventures with detailed research and analysis. Thus, we bridge the gap between current industry standards and the customer needs. 

There is a steady rise in the fortunes of High Net worth individuals and companies in India. The luxury aspect of our businesses brings our client's dreams closer to reality. We review the industry and put ourselves in the customer's shoes to see what they need and how the existing process can be improved to make it an industry benchmark.

Our guiding principle is building trusted relationships. For every new venture we step into, we ask ourselves:

  • -Is the customer getting the value for their money?
  • -Can we add value and quality through innovative processes?
  • -Does it strengthen our relationships and passion for providing the  best to our customers?
  • -Does it interact with our business verticals?
  • -As a business is it worth taking the risks?
  • -What are the competitors doing?
  • -Is this an opportunity for building the DCH India brand?

DCH India's management mantra is empowering the talent to flourish as a business partner rather than an employee, the ease to discuss any issue with board and Zero bureaucracy.

DCH India is constantly looking for strategic business partners who share its vision of providing the innovative and exclusive products and services to the customers. DCH India provides the platform to reach the premier and exclusive segment of the lifestyle and luxury market in India. We associate with people and companies who share our values to form new ventures, hence shareholders and boards are different which bring with them the expertise of the particular industry.

Value for Money

DCH India believes premium customers demand premium products and services and we pride in providing them the quality.

Improved Quality

We constantly strive to improve the quality of every product and service we offer through innovation.


DCH India provides the environment for our people to share, suggest, and help each other to grow and have fun in the process that sparks innovation.







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